Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main goals of the corral.


The horseback rides generate extra income for everyone at the corral, but they have to take place around the time it takes to care for all the other rescues. On St. John afternoons are cooler, so I’m offering two hour rides beginning July 5, 2021. I can accomodate 5 adults and one pony sized child rider. Weight limit is 240#. Closed toed shoes and long pants will be required to aid in the protection from the saddle and brush. No electronic devices will be allowed as we may get into the water. Two pictures are included of each participant taken by the guide.

I hope to provide you with a memorable experience while on the trail, but also while interacting with the animals who call the Carolina Corral home. Particularly the island donkeys, goats and horses who were either born on the islands or imported from the states. Some of the donkeys were born at the corral after their mothers came in as rescues.

Other youngsters were separated from their mothers in the wild or were sick and injured. The adults are brought in and later released if possible after their injuries are treated, but I’m always here for water and food if they need it during our dry spells.

Other animals including sheep, deer, cats, dogs, chickens, hogs and ducks have been assisted as well with my willingness and know-how in providing for their care. Few options exist for these wild and domestic animals in need on this tiny Caribbean island.

Help with the morning feed at 8:30 or book a private tour of the corral at 10am. Join me at 11am for a public tour to meet the gang! If none one of those times work, feel free to call me at 340-693-5778 to schedule a visit. 1pm is the Daily Donkey, which is comprised of three fun activities with the donkeys. Accept the challenge of getting your donkey to cooperate!!

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